Ultralife 9V Lithium

Ultralife 9V Lithium

AU $13.75

Application: Smoke Detectors
Chemistry: Lithium
Voltage: 9V
Nominal Capacity: 1.2 Ahr
Termination: Miniature Snap
Dimensions: 46.1mm x 26.5mm x 17.5mm

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Start of an Era
The Ultralife Lithium 9V battery was launched in 1991 as the world’s longest lasting lithium 9V battery.
The battery is based on lithium-manganese dioxide chemistry which leads to high energy density and voltage that remains very stable throughout the discharge.
Since the initial launch, there have been over 100 million units sold worldwide. The battery immediately gained acceptance into critical markets such as smoke detectors, security sensors, and medical telemetry.

ThinCell™ Technology
The redesigned 9V battery utilizes the Ultralife ThinCell™ technology, where three individual thin foil cased cells are combined to create a 9V battery. Ultralife has been producing ThinCell™ technology cells for over 15 years.